The Teslyne Experience


The Teslyne Experience is unique to the industry and that is exactly the way we intended it to be.  We have eradicated the need for 15 passenger vans which are uncomfortable, inefficient, bad for the environment and notoriously unsafe.  Why would you ride in a van crammed with 14 other people that are all going to different places?


With Teslyne you will ride in a luxurious Tesla Model X which recently received the highest safety ratings of any car ever built.  Our Teslas even have a button for bioweapon defense mode - you know, just in case the zombie apocalypse happens and you need a safe passage.  The good news is that in any road conditions the Tesla and our professional drivers will keep you as safe as possible.  

Easy to Book

Booking a Teslyne is easy on desktop or mobile, or by calling 833 TESLYNE (833-837-5963).  We have standard routes across Colorado and can book a custom route for a fraction of the cost of traditional shuttles.  


The Colorado Rocky Mountains have been a mecca for skiing, snowboarding and outdoor life for millennia and we intend to preserve their natural beauty.  All Teslyne vehicles are 100% electric and produce zero emissions.  That's right - zero.  By riding with Teslyne you too will be doing your part to reduce the impact on the environment and help preserve the Colorado wilderness.  


Teslas have a maximum of 5 passengers (with minimal luggage and no skis, otherwise 3 passengers) which means that you won't be squished in with a bunch of smelly people that you don't know.  Passengers enjoy full leather interiors, smooth rides with upgraded air suspensions by Tesla, you choice of music and door to door service.  Yes, we even load and unload your luggage.


By avoiding the masses and mass transit itself, Teslynes allow you to travel directly to your destination or hotel and skip all of the unnecessary stops required by other companies.  They call it a shuttle.  We call it a Teslyne.  We know you want to travel and arrive in style.  We understand and we couldn't agree more.